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The Town Clerk's office is open Mondays from 8-2 PM, other times by appointment. Call (715) 266-2474 if you need to make an appointment.

The Board of Supervisors meets on the second Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the Draper Town Hall at 6994N Main Street, Loretta. The public is welcome to attend - the agenda for each meeting is available ahead of time on this website, and on the bulletin boards posted at The Loretta Steakhouse, on the Town Hall and in the Draper Park. If you have an item you would like addressed, please call, write, or email the Clerk's office before the meeting and it will be included in the Correspondence or Public Recognition portion of the meeting.


David Zett

Phone: (715) 266-4262

Email: [email protected]

First Supervisor

Richard Burt

Phone: (715) 266-2622


Elizabeth A. Klein

6994N Main St., Loretta, WI 54896

Phone: (715) 266-2110
Email: [email protected]

Second Supervisor

William Heath

Phone: (715) 661-0546


Delores "Dee" Dobilas

6994N Main St., Loretta, WI 54896

Phone: (715) 266-2524
Email: [email protected]