July 2020



We have received so many requests for updates and information that we have decided to create a newsletter to residents so you can see what we are working on.

Have you checked out our new website? is the place to go for the town calendar, operating hours, board contact information, meeting agendas and minutes, news, notices and announcements. We have featured our local businesses and campground, which has resulted in many calls and emails from visitors planning their vacations here.

We are also on Facebook now! Town of Draper Wisconsin is our page, where you can find up to the minute announcements, weather advisories, local activities, news and other information that pertains to the Twin Cities. This page is maintained and moderated by Elizabeth Klein.

The garbage drop off site hours are Saturday 9-12 and Weds 12-3. Bags may be purchased for 1.50 and 2.50 at the clerk’s office or drop off site. The site will be closed on major holidays and when the temperature is below -20° F. Please make sure you are recycling the proper items by checking the fliers we have been handing out or the website links provided on the town website. There is a new bulletin board at the gate which has notices and meeting agendas posted on it. You may also find these notices posted on the bulletin boards at the Town Hall and in the Draper Park.

Due to another year of financial, personnel and equipment losses, the town will no longer provide private snow plowing services- please make arrangements for a private contractor well in advance of next winter’s snowfall season. A list of providers is posted on the town website: if you would like to be added to this list, please contact the clerk by phone or email.

The new board has been busy updating contracts and services for the town: Waste Management, CenturyLink, Rural Mutual, and Medford Co-Op contracts have been negotiated, saving hundreds of dollars for the town going forward.

Draper Campground improvements are underway, we are enlarging several sites to accommodate camper requests. The reservation program we started last summer has been a success, with many happy campers and returning guests happy to know they have a spot reserved after a long drive. In addition, we now offer a weekly and seasonal rate to long-term guests.

Work on town roads continues- 17 replacement road signs have arrived and are ready for installation. This will correct some of the missing or leaning signs you have seen around town. Bids will be opened for crack sealing 4 paved roads on Monday, July 27th. Grading and graveling continues as usual, along with ditching and culvert replacement projects, and beaver trapping. If you see beavers damaging a town road, please contact the town!

Draper was awarded a $55,000.00 County Highway Improvement Grant for 1.5 miles of resurfacing on Blaisdell Lake Rd., to be used by 2025. The town will need to come up with matching funds, which are being set aside in the Capital Projects Fund so a loan will not be needed.

The Town Crew had a difficult winter season with Paul B. out with an injury and back-to-back heavy snow storms in November, but that is thankfully behind us; the shop is now under Paul’s management as the official Foreman of the crew. Ken M. has been promoted to full time, and Brad B. has increased his hours as well.  There is plenty to do to maintain our aging equipment and keep up to date with all the new rules and laws, but the crew is doing a great job and progress is being made. The Employee Handbook was revised for the first time since 2006, and the board has been meeting with the crew monthly for an hour before the regular board meeting to make sure everything is on track. The board would like to hire another crew member when the budget allows.

The Draper-Loretta Volunteer Fire Department has been working hard to update training, repair and replace aging equipment, and develop a Life Link helipad landing zone in the old softball field.  The old water tender is being replaced with a modern used tender truck purchased from Slinger FD and arriving in November. Getting water to the scene is the number one challenge here, besides finding volunteers. There are currently six members active on the FD, with current training credentials in FF1, FF2, Pumper Operator Certification, HazMat, and ICS, as well as several types of vehicle extrication. The laws have changed dramatically and like everything, it is getting harder to meet the standards expected by the state. If you or someone you know is willing to dedicate your time to the training classes and would like to join, please contact Paul Zmuda or Chris Klein to come and sit in on a meeting or training exercise.

We have 2 more elections coming up- August 11th and November 3rd. These will be regular elections held inside the Town Hall. Call (715) 266-2110 if you want an absentee ballot!