The next election is the November 3rd Presidential Election.

The November 3 election will be held inside the Town Hall and the voting machine will be available (now "hands free") for use as always. You may also vote on a paper ballot. Sanitizing and social distancing will be practiced; poll workers will be masked.

Polls will be open from 7am to 8pm.

We had a very successful trial run with this set up August 11th so we do not anticipate any problems in November.

Absentee ballots for November 3 Election were mailed on Tuesday, September 8th to everyone who has an absentee request on file for the calendar year. If you are expecting your ballot and do not receive it by next week, call (715) 266-2110 and I will make sure you are taken care of. You have plenty of time to mail your postage-paid envelopes back to the Clerk's office- if you are concerned you can always call the office and I will let you know if your ballot was received.

If you wish to wait, a drop box is planned for installation at the Town Hall in time for the election- this item is going before the Town Board on Monday, September 14th for approval and then it will have to be arranged to have it installed. 

Kanye West case: If you have been following the news, there is a small chance Kanye West will win a lawsuit he filed in Green Bay court after missing the 5pm deadline to get on the ballot. The WEC has already certified our Sawyer County ballots and they were printed by the County and we were instructed under the state law to mail them as soon as we received them to those with an absentee request on file. If the judge in the West case rules in favor of Kanye West being added to the November ballot, the County will have to print new ballots and we will have to mail them out all over again! Stay tuned for updates on this, it is a very unusual situation.

If you have not yet completed an absentee voting application then you can do it easily online at MyVote.wi.gov

You can also call the Town Hall and request one by mail at (715) 266-2110. You will still need to provide your valid photo ID.

In person absentee voting cannot begin until October 20th, per 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in the One Wisconsin case (14 days prior to election).  In-person absentee voting will by by appointment only: please call ahead.

Call (715) 266-2110 to schedule your appointment or request an absentee application by mail.

*Note- there is discussion going around about a possible "central ballot drop box" location in Hayward- I have already had voters ask about this. The Wisconsin Election Commission is looking into the legality of this but at this time, it is not considered a "best practice" by the Commission. Please do not plan on dropping your voted ballot off in Hayward- there is no guarantee it will get back to the Draper Town Hall. We offer curbside pick up, a Covid-safe polling place, and have had no problem with getting everyone's absentee ballots back in the mail so far. On September 14, I am asking the Town Board to approve the installation of a secured ballot drop box which will be a slot in the wall into a locked box. You will be able to drop off your voted ballot at the proper polling place, securely, if you are concerned about the USPS. Please wait for further instructions as they become available- we are still many weeks away from the election and these issues will be resolved in plenty of time!



February 18, 2020 Spring Primary Election
April 7, 2020 Spring General Election
May 12, 2020 Special Election, Congressional District 7
August 11, 2020 Partisan Primary Election
November 3, 2020 Fall General Election


To run for office in Draper: https://elections.wi.gov/forms/candidates

Candidates must meet eligibility requirements and file the following forms by their deadlines with the Town Clerk:

CF-1 Campaign Registration Statement

EL-162 Declaration of Candidacy

EL-169 Nomination Paper for Nonpartisan Office

*All forms are also available at the Office of the Town Clerk.