Spring Election Results

2019 SPRING ELECTION RESULTS:   Here is a link to yesterday’s election results for Sawyer County: Draper had 118 voters! Your new town board is going to be: Dave Zett, Dick Burt, Bill Heath, Liz Klein, and Dee Dobilas.…/electionResults2019-04-S…   Thanks to our awesome poll workers, and to everyone who came out to vote-…

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Voting Deadlines

In-person absentee voting is available on Monday 8-2 or by appointment in the Clerk’s office through 5PM Sunday 3/31: call 715-266-2110 or 715-266-2474 to make an appointment, must have valid photo ID! Deadline to register for the April 2, 2019 Election is Friday at 5PM in the Clerk’s office: after that you will need to…

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