Lake Loretta Draw Down Will Proceed in 2022

UPDATE: Loretta Lake Decision- The Land, Water & Forest Resources Committee has rejected the proposal to have the County fund a coffer dam, stating that the only way it would happen is if the Town of Draper residents paid for it, as it does not benefit the County at large and the number of residents impacted is small overall. They are going to proceed with their original plan for a draw down in 2022. No further hearing will be held on this matter as the plan was already approved by the County Board.

Since the public meeting in Draper, several residents of Lake Loretta have contacted board members in favor of the drawdown and plan to undertake lake shore improvements- they have DNR permits for this work. This is a good idea!

The Planning Commission is working quickly with DNR to get lake improvements lined up if possible during the drawdown- this includes potential improvements to the boat landings. The Fire Department is looking at installing a dry hydrant at the Dam Rd. boat landing. Let’s work together to make the best of this major inconvenience to improve the lake! The Town Board will get DNR contact information together so you can pursue shoreline work if you desire.