A Permit Violation Enforcement hearing will be held at the Hayward office of the DNR on Wednesday morning at 10AM to discuss a possible violation of the construction permit for N. Clover Rd that occurred in June by A-1 Excavating.  


Chairman D. Zett, 1st Supervisor R. Burt, 2nd Supervisor W. Heath will be driving together and attending the meeting, as requested by the DNR. The purpose of this meeting is limited to discussion of the N. Clover Rd. matter; no town business will be transacted.  


The DNR office is not open to the public until 11AM; as such this meeting is not open to the public.  The parties directly involved in the project and permit process have been served with a notice requesting their participation in the meeting.



Noticed this 12th day of August, 2019


Elizabeth Klein


Clerk, Town of Draper